Regeneration Bracknell Town Centre

Take the next generation shopping experience…  add 800 metres of WallPlanter…watch as a bland, grey car park view transforms with its new green lease of life…all expertly installed by Hedera Screens … and what do you get?

Wallplanter_v1The biggest Mobilane WallPlanter in the UK: Bracknell Town Centre

A true central focal point within the next generation of shopping and leisure experiences in Bracknell town centre, our Mobilane WallPlanter has created a stunning tapestry along the car park and walkways.  The majesty of the WallPlanter green expanse offers both beauty and function, shielding an otherwise bland car park façade whilst also allowing unhindered ventilation.

Add in a LivePanel Avenue

Constructed of stainless steel troughs and planted with Mobilane Green Screens, a 200 metre LivePanel wall guides shoppers along the thoroughfare and offers an extra natural aspect within the confines of a shopping mall, peppered with semi-mature trees.  This continues the green commitment around the centre and along The Avenue, the main thoroughfare within the shopping zone.  The LivePanel feature is a superb accompaniment to the WallPlanter and runs alongside the new Marks and Spencer store, opened since July 2017.

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Transforming City Centres

The architecture in Bracknell town centre has long been plagued by its post-war dull, bland, grey reputation.  With very little large scale development since the 1950s, the area was screaming out for investment and for an injection of life and love that the shopping experience now brings.  The resulting one million square foot retail park, developed over the last three years at a cost of £240 million, was officially opened on 7 September 2017.

Its modernity and elegance is enhanced by our Mobilane green systems.  This majestic green transformation is such an important development in the region, creating a sustainable, natural environment within Bracknell town centre.  Welcomed by retail visitors now returning to Bracknell, the completed scheme has been heralded by the Bracknell Regeneration Partnership, responsible for its regeneration.

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