Pyracantha Green Screen makes bold statement at Rotterdam Zoo

Protect, Defend and Cover: Green Screen along Rotterdam Zoo wall

The first thing you see when you visit Rotterdam Zoo is the striking boundary wall in full pyracantha glory, thanks to its Mobilane Green Screen installation. Prior to installation, there was a planted area which had been latterly replaced with bicycle storage.

The wall’s protection and plant damage to the wall was a major concern for the Zoo’s management. Both concerns were overcome by adding the protective and attractive Mobilane Green Screen option in Pyracantha. Installed fully grown, the screen starts doing its job from Day One: protecting, defending and creating a stunning entrance effect for all visitors.

Installed by landscapers Van Triest, the screens consist of galvanised steel (120-180cm) and were supplied fully-grown and densely filled at a height of 155cm with Pyracantha.

Aim high

The 31 species of Green Screen plants where placed between powder coated poles and corresponding braces. In order to grow to the required height of 245 cm, the installers Van Triest placed stainless steel trainers along the top of the fence.

Now a solid and impenetrable hedge, the green screen provide protection and decoration from a naturally planted blanket.  Visitors and the zoo team enjoy flowers in the spring and bright orange berries in the autumn.  A successful contrast of flower and foliage for everyone to enjoy, all year round.

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