Mobilane brings 300 meter Green Screen to Amsterdam

Extending and blending a mature green boundary in Little Vondelpark, Amsterdam

A 20-home development is taking shape alongside the famous Vondelpark in the Zocherstraat in Amsterdam. Alongside, its surrounding outdoor space is also home to a mature expanse of Mobilane Green Screens.  Installed by the team at LooHorst Landscaping from Ermelo, the green boundary forms part of the landscape now referred to as “Little Vondelpark” – extending and blending the green elements from its larger neighbour.

To date, almost 250 ready-made ivy screens form a natural palisade of almost 300 metres.  The apartments, eight of which have been renovated and twelve newly built, have fully established gardens to enjoy, with lawned areas and shrub beds bursting with shrubs, foliage and perennials for all year round colour.  The perfect partner to the planting, the Mobilane Green Screens, with their sturdy stainless steel grid construction, create a secure yet natural curtain of green with the benefits of added privacy and reduced air pollution for residents.

Established Hedging

Overseeing the installation is LooHorst Landscaping’s co-ordinator, Wilco Versprille.  He says: “If we had chosen boundaries with young ivy plants, we would have had to wait at least two years for the benefits and height a mature hedge can bring.  Opting for the Mobilane Green Screens, the gardens immediately have an established green appearance which enriches the area and increases the appeal to buyers of these new homes. As a bonus for us, they are quick and easy to install, simply by attaching them to the posts with their brackets.

The ready-made ivy systems have a standard height of 180 cm but alongside the Vondelpark, these have been extended to shield the existing wooden fencing.  Versprille explains: “To comply with local authority, we have to maintain a wooden fence on the outfacing side.  Facing inwards from a resident’s perspective, we can disguise the blandness of the wooden fence with the instant green hedge boundary at 220cm high.   This way, we also continue the natural look that perfectly matches the landscape character of the Vondelpark.

This impressive “green upgrade” will be completed in November 2017.


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