The Mermaid Theatre, Conference and Events Centre, London

The Mermaid Theatre, Conference & Events Centre sits in London’s Blackfriars, overlooking the north bank of the River Thames. For a city centre venue in the heart of one of the world’s great capital cities, the theatre management is to be congratulated on its commitment to environmental sustainability. Every year the management works to minimise waste and the impact the theatre has on the environment.

One of the ways it does this is by taking an active part in the City Of London’s Clean City Awards Scheme – an initiative that develops partnerships with all types of City businesses by raising the profile of responsible waste management and recognising and rewarding good practice by encouraging businesses to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. The Mermaid’s efforts resulted in a Platinum Clean City Award for 2015.

The Mermaid had its first living wall installed in 2012, However, in 2016 this was replaced with a new Mobilane LivePanel system measuring 80 square metres. Installed by Hedera Screens, the wall features a stunning mix of plants, including Campanula Poscharskyana, Heuchera Fire Chief, Heuchera Paris, Heuchera Marmalade, Bergenia Eroica, Lonicera Nitida Maigrum and Pachysandra Terminalis.

The modular LivePanel system is ideal for such an installation. The modules feature a specially developed substrate designed to enable the plants to establish and thrive. The panels are stacked onto the face of a building or wall and secured by an aluminium frame. The feeding of the plants with water and nutrients is ensured by an integrated irrigation and drainage system.

As well as the proven environmental sustainability benefits, the Mermaid Theatre, Conference & Events Centre’s LivePanel living wall will continue to wow visitors and passers-by for many years to come.

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