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LivePanel Village Bakery, Wrexham (UK)

As part of an ongoing campaign to make its business more environmentally sustainable, the Village Bakery in Wrexham chose a stunning LivePanel living wall for its new Innovation & Training Centre. Covering four storeys of the front of the building, a total of 72 square metres have been planted with a range of evergreen perennials and ferns which will ensure a beautiful display of colour all year round, while delivering a range of sustainability benefits.

The installation by Hedera Screens took five days to complete, with gutter profiles installed first, followed by irrigation system, full panels, and finally panels reduced in size to fit around windows. Fitting around the windows was the main challenge of this impressive project.

For the architect DPA Designs, this was a first specification of a living wall. Hedera Screens provided initial advice on the LivePanel system and worked closely with DPA Designs on the planting scheme. Close liaison between all parties ensured that every detail of the installation was considered and agreed in advance.

The Training & Innovation centre at Village Bakery is a prestigious project and is believed to be the biggest living wall in Wales. The positive impact that the living wall installation has made on the finished appearance of the building has been warmly welcomed by all concerned. While for Hedera Screens this installation represents what they consider ‘one of our best ones yet’.

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