A blend of nature and stone in a Luxembourg LivePanel

The living green wall system of Mobilane LivePanel is now turning heads in Luxembourg, too!

Luxembourg: Embracing Nature

As a nation, Luxembourg embraces nature and the natural environment, but there sometimes brick walls and concrete are a necessity.  Thankfully, you needn’t ignore the potential for adding a living element to the mix  – and this project is a perfect example of how the two can blend together effortlessly.

Uninterrupted Green

Green wall specialists About green received the order on their website and took up the challenge.  A private homeowner was looking for the best way to continue the fantastic view of woodland and flora onto their balcony.  With the LivePanel installation, the planted vista from his window is now uninterrupted – no stark white wall, just nature, quite literally, on his doorstep.

Maximum Green, Minimum Space

The owners are more than happy with the results.  They love the extended view and the use of space – giving them the maximum volume of planting in the tiniest of areas, without compromise on balcony space.  No pots or hanging baskets taking up valuable head and footspace – maximum balcony and view potential from their new LivePanel.

Variety of plants

Our clients have carte blanche when it comes to plant choice. In this case they plumped for: Lonicera nitida maigrun, Campanula portenschlagiana, Geranium cantabrigiense, Polypodium vulgare, Heuchera lime and Heuchera obisdian.  The resulting LivePanel gives bursts of flower amongst its vertical foliage display.

We wish the owners the ultimate happiness with their new LivePanel environment!

For more information about our ready made green systems, visit our LivePanel section on our product pages.


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