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LivePanel PACK in biophilic design at MCC HQ

Living wall installation at Manchester and Cheshire Construction HQ

Inleaf have recently installed two Mobilane Live Panel Pack living walls as part of Manchester and Cheshire Construction’s £500,000 office extension at their Salford headquarters.

Speaking after this installation, just one in a growing number of successful collaborations between supplier and installer, Inleaf Director Daniel Atherton said “It was great working with the team at MCC to help them bring biophilic design into their new office space.”


Managing Director of MCC, David Lowe added his commendations on the completed project:

Due to the growth of the business we had to create additional space for our employees.  After consulting with our employees and with the help of our sustainability advisor, Martin Brown of Fairsnape, we decided to adopt a biophilic design.  One of the first elements which we decided upon was the introduction of two living walls.  It’s now been several months after the project was completed and our walls are blooming.  Both employees and visitors seem to really enjoy them and it’s really wonderful to bring the natural world into an office environment.  Not only do they look great but they’re helping improve the health and well-being of our employees.

What is biophilic design?

At Mobilane, we are great advocates of the philosophy that a greener workplace is a healthier, cleaner and more natural workplace.  Biophilic design supports this and encourages the blend of nature and the environment when considering urban and suburban developments, their construction and their design.  Nature remains at the core of our homes, workplaces and learning spheres.

Mobilane Living Walls

“We have installed many Mobilane living walls in the past to great effect. On this project the space suited the Live Panel Pack which made it even more cost effective and simplified the install.” – Daniel Atherton, Director Inleaf

With the simple make-up of the Live Panel Pack, Inleaf could add automatic irrigation with just a few extra parts supplied by the Mobilane team.  The end result ticked the biophilic, cost and low maintenance boxes and created a uniquely natural working environment at the Head Office extension.

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett officiated at the opening event in July 2017 and said: “‘We consulted with staff about the plans for the new space, and a biophilic design was suggested. It is thought to be beneficial for people to have contact with nature in the workplace, as it improves productivity and job satisfaction.’

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