HaseHaus Osnabrück: vertical gardening with WallPlanter

The façade is a building’s face and it reflects the creativity of the architect or builder. Architects, builders and project developers opt for a green façade for its durability, ecological aspects, particulates bond, insulation and increase in value of the premises. A green façade also immediately gives a building a natural look.
These days there are plenty of ways to achieve ‘green’ walls, depending on the architectural structure and available space. For traditional ground-level solutions it will take a long time for the façade to be fully covered in plants. It takes time and a lot of patience. The Mobilane WallPlanter, a system that consists of specially developed prefab aluminium planters with Green Screens, immediately makes a façade look more attractive.

Plant façade pre-grown and professionally installed
The mature Green Screens are pre-grown and are professionally installed against the building. The plant façade is fitted with a smart fully automatic irrigation system that feeds the plants with water and nutrients. The Mobilane WallPlanter planters measure 50 x 50 x 390 cm (customisation is possible). In terms of plants too, anything is possible: you can choose from various colours and shapes. One good example of the use of the WallPlanter in architecture is the HaseHaus in the centre of Osnabrück, Germany. This project was preceded by a competition for investors, organised by the local authorities and Sparkasse Osnabrück.

Multi-part complex, exceptional in every way
Together with architect Rob Beerkens of MAS Architectuur from Hengelo, the Netherlands, general contractor and investor Hoff und Partners from Gronau managed the construction of this multi-part complex, which is exceptional in every way. Striking aspects include the sloping exterior walls of the top floors and the vertical garden: the green face of the building. The building is the home base of a balanced mix of accommodation, restaurants, bars and service providers. The design and the materials used were intentionally kept low-key, as a result of which the contemporary use of living green stands out even better.

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