Game, set, match and noise-free in Donkelaar Tennis Court: NoiStop

The local tennis club in Donkelaar has replaced a 40 year old conifer hedge with a new sound barrier installation, courtesy of Mobilane’s NoiStop.  Installed by W. Ketelaars BV, this is the first NoiStop to keep the noise in check at such a venue.  The club’s 400 members can now continue their tennis training noise-free, shielded by the 2.7 metre high NoiStop sound wall. The NoiStop’s installation is complemented by replacement lighting and a new mesh fence around the complex.



Adjacent to the club’s 6 synthetic turf courts is the Jacobskamp housing estate, newly built with 285 homes. The local authority accommodated both the new build and the existing tennis club by commissioning the NoiStop barrier – the perfect solution to noise abatement that looks great, too. The NoiStop – all 245 metres of it – is made of 90 x 200 cm panels of compressed rockwool, housed in galvanized steel. The wall is affixed to 5-meter-long 12 x 12 cm steel posts that are secured into the ground. The NoiStop provides a noise reduction of about 50%.


Park Manager Willie Spierings said: “We are very happy with this solution. In addition to noise reduction, the NoiStop screen not only looks great but is also an effective windbreak. Its’ green appearance is even better than we expected – we have only heard positives from our members.  The council will maintain the climbers and plants beyond the screen so when these are established, our court perimeters will look absolutely stunning!

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