Euonymus lends a green sheen to concrete bridge

A bridge in Alphen aan de Rijn (The Netherlands) has been transformed from a bleak, grey concrete mass to a beautiful greened expanse, courtesy of its 100-metre new Mobilane Green Screen, planted with a dense foliage of Euonymus.  Installed by Lex van Wijk Hoveniers from Zoetermeer, the screening is part of Rijnhaven Bridge’s overhaul, which has been increased in height to improve access beneath.  The longer term plan is to develop the area into a marina.

A warm, Euonymus welcome

In preparation for the installation of the Euonymus screens bridge side, the soil was readied with fertilizer to encourage growth.  Cutting the screen grids to accommodate the bridge’s side wall gradient of between 90 to 180cm, the installation allowed for design flexibility to completely obscure the concrete, preventing any future graffiti attempts.  With the top of the grids finished with plastic caps to ensure safety, the screens are secured at their footings in concrete.  The end result? A greened vista from the Bridge and a natural outlook from the water beneath – welcomed both by local residents and users of the waterway.

The installation was completed in just two days.

Plant Choice

These Mobilane ready-made screens and hedging solutions consist of a grid of galvanized steel, through which Euonymus ‘Dart’s Blanket’ has grown and flourished over two years.  The leafy hedge has a superior density and provides a panel of fresh green colour in the spring with an autumn colour switch to reds and bronzes.  Due to the slow-growing nature of Euonymus ‘Dart’s Blanket’, the hedge requires little maintenance.  Alongside Euonymus, Mobilane supply ready-made screens of ivy, beech and Pyracantha for all-year-round planting.


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