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Babylon shopping mall Iraq meets LivePanel

The Babylon shopping mall is centred right in the heart of Baghdad (Iraq) in the Mansour district. The area has a long retail history and is visited by a large variety of tourists. The mall consists of 5 stories, including Baghdad’s biggest supermarket and roof terrace. Babylon shopping mall will open her doors after the renovation in 2017.

An important part of the renovation, was the large 48mplanted LivePanel. This is the very first installation of a LivePanel. Stepping up from LivePicture to the much bigger systems has now arrived.

This is very welcome when you also consider the impressive heat reducing quality of plants, with temperatures up to 57 degrees in Iraq.


LivePanel installation

The plants therefore were carefully chosen for their resistance to the extreme heat of Iraq. Shefflera, Arboricola, Syngonium, Nephrolepis, Epipremnum Aureum, Spider and Peace lily plants were selected for their excellent suitability. Tareeq Aden also offered a year long contract with free maintenance to ensure their planted wall continued to look as stunning as the day it was completed. There are no other companies in Iraq specialised like Tareeq Aden who can construct a planted green vertical display, their experience makes them the country’s experts.

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