Luxembourg Architects put their trust in LivePanel

In their architectural realm, architects demand systems they can rely on.  That translates into their own office space requirements, too.  To this end, About Green placed two LivePanels in a new office in Luxembourg: Atelier Archimade.

The Challenge

Because of the central location in the heart of Luxembourg,  competition for every office metre is fierce.  The working environment is filled with office equipment, computer hardware and eight staff – and the only natural light comes from above.   No space for green elements on the floor, nor ceiling.  So, to add that healthy, natural element, the architect chose the best option – one that best utilised what little space remained –  the green wall system: LivePanel.

Two LivePanels were installed;  one in the open space and one within the reception area.

The Result

Both LivePanels look spectacular, adding that burst of greenery in the office and at the reception.  And with the maximum green in the minimum space, staff now enjoy not only the health benefits, but the wow factor that a living wall brings.


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