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An extra green height boost to screen Sliedrecht’s recycling facility

Residents have welcomed extra-high screening around the neighbouring recycling plant at Sliedrecht (The Netherlands).  The team at VISSERgroen from Nieuwendijk Holland installed 3-metre high Mobilane Green Screens along the edge of the environmental plant.  The plant treats and recycles waste from 5,000 disabled residents in the region.

The green solution

In 2017, the neighbouring green strip along the water was planted with laurels, olives and other plants.  Whilst reducing the detrimental view when in full leaf, the winter view was still disturbing for some residents.  As complaints increased concerning the view and the noise and visibility of machinery within the plant, the management knew they must act further.

Ronald de Rijke, sector manager for daytime activities at ASVZ stated: “Neighbourhood services are our top priority and we also have to take our clients into account. To combine security and enclosure around the recycling plant with fencing whilst creating an attractive view, we opted, in consultation with VISSERgroen, for the added height of 3 metres that the Mobilane green screens allowed. These screens provide a natural and softened outlook whilst obscuring the views of containers and machines from neighbours and passers-by. Our residents themselves also got involved with the placement of the 60-metre long green expanse.”

Three metres of green height

These extra high hedge elements have been grown by Mobilane for three years into dense climbing layers, before the hedges – complete with a double-thick root package – were placed in the ground. The three-meter high hedge elements are connected and stabilized by hollow, four-metre-long steel posts.



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