LivePicture XL

Imperial Holdings Ltd. invests in health

Imperial Holdings Limited is a JSE-listed (=Johannesburg Stock Exchange) South African-based holding company employing 49,000 people in 33 countries, predominantly in Africa and Europe. The company operates within the logistics and transport sector and takes matters of the environment very seriously – not only for its vehicles and emissions but also within its buildings and workspaces. Keen to develop this further, the company have ordered the largest of our LivePicture products: The LivePicture XL. The LivePicture was installed by ExecuFlora.

Plant selection

Known for its ideal suitability for our LivePicture products, the XL was planted with the fern Nephrolepsis. This variety thrives in the LivePicture environment and looks stunning – a win-win on sustainability and visual impact. These plants also cope with varying light levels. As the plant varieties available in South Africa broaden, there will be other fern varieties that will suit and can be added or substituted at a later stage.

LivePicture XL

The biggest LivePicture in the range, the LivePicture XL is filled with six plant cassettes and fills a wall space of 112cm x 170cm – a really impactful green artistic statement.  LivePicture is available in three different frame colours: white, silver-grey and charcoal.  This type of “live art” is becoming increasingly popular, with its aesthetic, health and air purifying benefits.

LivePicture XL

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