Van der Valk Heerlen takes the green roof option

Experts at garden specialists Hans Linders have added the finishing touches to a green roof at the Van der Valk Hotel, Heerlen.  One thousand MobiRoof sedum cassettes were swiftly and expertly placed to complete the new entrance and roof terrace, spanning 465 square metres and greeting Van der Valk’s hotel visitors.  The addition of this natural roof layer signifies the completion of the entrance rebuild and a welcome return of the refurbished restaurant, part of the building that suffered fire damage in January 2016.  Now the rejuvenated complex benefits from the green roof and its associated energy efficiencies.


Sedum cassettes

Primed with the impressive insulation credentials of the new green roof and the installation of 312 solar panels, the building is now 30% more energy efficient than current regulations demand.  Acting as a natural water buffer, green roofs such as this are increasingin popularity in urban construction projects.  Storing up to 20 litres of water per square metre, the MobiRoof reduces the stress on drainage and guttering during periods of heavy rain, in turn reducing flood risk.

Even at full saturation, the MobiRoof cassettes 58 kilograms of roof load per square metre.  Add in the biodiversity benefits and seasonal contrasts of combining six different succulents into each cassette and the MobiRoof provides the ultimate in natural roof options.

Roof terrace

Themed as “The Edible Garden”, the new roof terrace is planted with wild strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes and herbs.  For height and additional fruit interest, pear trees and sea buckthorn have been added.  Flanked and defined by ready-made green walls densely planted with Hedera Woerner climbing plants, the green terrace seats up to 200 guests.


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