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1,310 MobiRoof cassettes with instant sedum planting

For the realisation of a new construction complex providing 21 apartments with health care service facilities at Weerdjesstraat, Portaal housing association chose to install a green roof. The 380 square metre roof was fitted with 1,310 Mobiroof cassettes with instant sedum planting.

Project leader Ruud Kortland from Portaal: “We intentionally opted for a sedum roof, because it will level off the peak load of the discharge of rainwater into the municipal sewer. Thanks to this measure there was no need to filter rainwater into the soil. Portaal also wants to create more green in the centre of Arnhem. The installation of a sedum roof in this location fits in perfectly with this philosophy. The complex will be completed in the second half of March 2012.”

Mobiroof dealer Gé Leurs Hoveniers installed the green roof. Gé Leurs: “The water buffer capacity of the new pre-grown Mobiroof cassettes is no less than twenty litres per square metre, which is a lot more than other extensive green roof solutions used. When they are fully saturated, the sedum cassettes provide a maximum roof load of no more than 58 kilos per square metre. We also presume that the energy costs for heating and cooling the building will be much lower thanks to the green roof, compared to a non-sedum roof. The 1,310 sedum cassettes were installed very quickly thanks to the convenient click system, so you can really get on with it.

The outer edges of the green roof will be finished with gravel. The cassettes contain at least six varieties of sedum.

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