WallPlanter, for a sustainable green wall

The WallPlanter consists of specially developed containers with hedges to be attached to a wall. This is a sustainable system for green walls, both for existing buildings and new construction. A green wall is good for the environment, insulating and fine dust absorption, and it gives a natural face to a building.


  • Enhancing buildings and increasing value
  • Low water consumption
  • Prevention of graffiti
  • Insulating effect
  • Fire safe
  • Available in various colours
  • Long life
  • Equipped with up-to-date automation technology


The aluminium containers with fully mature Green Screens are affixed to the wall. The planters are also available in various RAL colours.

The living wall system is equipped with a smart, automated irrigation and draining system, providing the hedges with water and nutrients. This allows for low maintenance.


  • Aluminium WallPlanter container base 50 x 50 x 390 cm (customisation is possible)
  • Coating container or front planting optional
  • Use of Green Screens up to 220 cm standard
  • Total weight of base element 1,250 kg (1,450 kg during maximum saturation)
  • Automated irrigation system
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