NoiStop, noise reduction up to 50%

Noise is a major source of irritation that can be limited by applying NoiStop. This instant divider has a noise-absorbing rock wool core. NoiStop reduces noise by an average of 10 decibels, measured at 1.5 metres high and 5 metres from the 1.8m-high noise screen.

The higher the divider, the higher the effect. In reality, the reduction averages about 50% of the noise experienced.


  • Strong noise reduction
  • Easy to install, also by home owners
  • Choice of various types and dimensions
  • Life expectancy: 20-25 years


The separate, light-weight NoiStop panels can easily be assembled to a ‘quiet wall’. The NoiStop elements can be easily set up manually up to a height of 270 cm without needing any lifting equipment. The thickness of the wall is less than 15 cm. The panels are suitable for growing various plants.


There are three different NoiStop fences: NoiStop Wood, NoiStop Steel and NoiStop Colour.

Dimensions (lxh):

  • NoiStop Wood 100 x 45, 100 x 90, 200 x 45 and 200 x 90 cm
  • NoiStop Steel 100 x 45, 100 x 90, 200 x 45, 200 x 90 and 300 x 60 cm
  • NoiStop Colour 100 x 45, 100 x 90, 200 x 45 and 200 x 90 cm
  • NoiStop Steel and NoiStop Wood doors are also available
  • Noise absorption NoiStop Wood (DLα) 11 dB(A) = Class A3
  • Noise absorption NoiStop Steel (DLα) 9 dB(A) = Class A3
  • Noise absorption NoiStop Colour (DLα) 9 dB(A) = Class A3
  • Noise insulation NoiStop Wood & Steel (DLR) 21dB(A) = Class B2
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