Sizes LivePicture

LivePicture is available in five different sizes. The size refer to the number of plants cassetes, ranging from LivePicture 1 with one plant cassette, to the biggest model: LivePicture XL, with a total of six plant cassettes.

Product  Size (WxHxD)
LivePicture 1 72 x 72 x 7 cm
LivePicture 2 112 x 72 x 7 cm
LivePicture 3 152 x 72 x 7 cm
LivePicture 4 192 x 72 x 7 cm
LivePicture XL 112 x 170 x 7 cm

Available colours

LivePicture is available in three different standard colours. Other colours and personalisation with your own trademark, design or photograph are also available on request. Look at our assortment of plant mixes for the ready made, fully grown plant cassettes.


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